Statistical analyzes and controls are carried out during all production stages with the aim of high quality products. As a part of our corporate culture, we always give priority to our R&D investments in order to adapt to the renewed and developing sector.


We have expanded our service network in the country as well as abroad, and as Esamak, we continue to add new ones to our foreign customer portfolio day by day by taking fast and confident steps in exports. We are here to offer you, our valued customers, always the best in the sector with our excellent design and problem-free production understanding, experience and knowledge.

The products we produce in modern production facilities equipped with the latest technology, together with our expert managerial staff and experienced production teams, are offered to users in almost every part of the world.

By producing products that will shape the sector with the designs prepared by experts in their fields, we are proud of attracting great interest from many countries with our TREX brand with its unique designs in the sector.

Aiming to be the "best" with our customer-oriented working strategy, giving due importance to human resources, not forgetting that development is based on creating resources, making business ethics and honesty a "must have" condition, and being a world player with the awareness that it gives strength to our country are among our basic principles.

We are always in cooperation with our suppliers. As Esamak, we reach every point in the world with our high quality, fast and effective export system. Thanks to our product production and solutions in accordance with international standards, we have succeeded in making our name known both in Turkey and in the world.