Since the day we were founded, we have maintained our leading position in the sector with brand new investments. Inspired by the historical strength of steel, we continue to solve problems professionally for customer satisfaction.


Our company, which produces in line with world standards in the arms industry, continues to progress towards becoming a leader in advanced equipment, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology in the industry.

In the systems we offer in our company, ESAMAK, which is the equivalent of high technology and quality, we act with a 100% customer satisfaction focus in the production carried out by our experienced team in a disciplined and planned manner with quality materials.

We have always continued to improve ourselves in pro-active and transparent communication. ESAMAK aims to be the leading company with its product variety, capacity and technology on the way to becoming your most reliable product supplier in its field.

It continues to be the locomotive in its sector by always producing innovative, high quality and high performance castings with our R&D team in our production areas. We are getting ready to take our place in the list of Turkey's leading and most experienced foundries with our training capacity, alloy diversity and wide production possibilities we have reached today.

In line with sectoral trends and customer expectations, we continue our R&D activities on innovative processes, new generation materials and future technologies. Actively integrated into advanced manufacturing sectors, ESAMAK is constantly expanding its value chain, starting from steel to the materials it produces and from manufacturing to service.

The use of certified and quality materials with the most modern and contemporary technologies in production has been possible with years of experience and knowledge. We are also committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, while always complying with laws and business rules.

A wide range of testing opportunities with our qualified and experienced staff, each of whom is an expert in their own field, is one of our assurances in achieving 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of our most basic rules to fully respect and protect the privacy of personal and customer information by trying to provide safe, high quality products and services based on cutting-edge technologies.